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UPDATE! On August 12, 2017, Diana received her new heart! The transplant went GREAT! She is now back at home with her family with a new lease on life! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who supported us with this cause!

HEART TRANSPLANT FOR A LOCAL – This 4th of July marks three years that this beautiful young woman and mother, Diana Kanaszka-Folino, who is just 40, was on her way to success in business and a life of happiness.

While wading in the water on the beach she collapsed suddenly and nearly drowned. She was rescued and rushed to the hospital where she was paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors spent several days struggling to determine the cause of her near fatal accident. After a few days, her paralysis subsided and she began to recover the use of her body. Following extensive testing, her Doctors determined she was in heart failure.

With no explanation she had lost some 80%-85% use of her heart. Her Ejection Fraction fluctuates between 19 and 21%. This began a long series of tests and treatments to try to bring her heart back to some normality. It was hoped that a series of medications would improve the function of the heart, but to no avail.

In addition to the heart failure she was recently diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease and is undergoing treatments for that as well.

Over the last three years, she has been in and out of the hospital many times for complications from the heart failure leading to the need for an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. Her heart suffers life-threatening arrhythmias and this will prevent cardiac arrest. After a recent emergency hospital stay her doctors told her and her parents there was nothing else they could do to make her heart any better. They could only continue to medicate her to try to make her comfortable.

They said that her only alternative to get her life back was that she needed to consider talking to a Heart Transplant Specialist. She is now working with the heart transplant team at Mayo to begin the transplant process.

We have been told that the costs will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Diana is no longer able to work due to her heart failure and despite having insurance the costs for her are going to be extreme, and the costs are continuing to add up. Her parents, Deacon Charles and Darlene have tried to help as much as they could with finances along the way; however their finances are reaching their limits.

Diana could have a very long and wonderful life ahead of her. Please keep her in your prayers and pray for a miracle. Please consider helping however you can.