2019 4th Annual RECIPIENT

This beautiful young lady was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma… aka Breast Cancer. She is only 36!!! She is a wife and a mother to three amazing children. Katrina has a husband who is fighting with her every step of the way. Unfortunately, Katrina has lost her income due to this terrible disease we call cancer. Her husband has been working hard to make ends meet but it is a daily struggle. He also just had surgery and will be out of work for about 12 weeks to recover, On top of all of this, they desperately need their vehicle repaired. This is their mode of transportation to get Katrina to her chemo treatments, Jeff to work, and the kids to school, etc. the repairs needed for new transmission are over $2000. They will be incurring many other expenses as well such as utility expenses, groceries, and rent. Can you please help this family? If you cannot make a monetary donation, food, and other things will help as well. All is appreciated. Prayers needed and appreciated! She is scared and is fighting the fight of her life. But she has her friends and family and her husband Jeff Nager by her side and they’re ready to fight!Thank you for donating and for reading. Much love to all!! And to Katrina